Frequently Asked Questions

general contractor in Stillwater, OK

When it comes time to build a custom home in Stillwater, OK or find a reliable home builder, we know there are many questions you would like to ask. We compiled a quick list of frequently asked questions about our home building services. We hope the questions below are enough to get you started.

If you have additional questions, or are ready to start building your custom home, please contact us today at 405-624-7300. The team at Greg Avery Homes is dedicated to making your custom home dreams into a reality.

Question 1

How do we determine a cost for my home?

Answer 1 - We need to know as much as we can about your dreams and goals for your project, and what you’d like to accomplish. We’ll talk about any specific material preferences, fixtures or appliances you would like to use. We'll use that information to formulate ideas for your project.

Question 2

If the scope of the project changes during construction, how do you determine the additional fees?

Answer 2 - We provide you with an estimate of the cost of the change. This is determined by estimating actual costs of the materials, labor and sub-contractors, and adding the same percentages for the architectural and construction fees as was used on the base contract.

Question 3

Can I find out how long my project will take?

Answer 3 - Typically 6-9 months but, completion times vary from house to house, this will be something we will discuss together during our beginning consultation.